Internship dedicated for process engineers for production, material design & production and mechanical processing 

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Sector: Sales, Technical preparation and development, Operational preparation, Production, Quality control, Logistics, Human resources


Position: Intern

Reports to:
Andrej Markoski
Marjan Tintoski
Hristina Jovceski
Aleksandra Dzhanovljanovic
Ilija Jankoski
Angel Dimoski
Oliver Risteski/Pece Petkoski
Goran Spirkoski
Martin Sheremetkoski
Kirill Nikoloski
Elena Mitreska

Job Location: Prilep

Job Description:

In this project the intern should have full training on Laminati Com processes, so it is planned to visit all departments and learn each process separately. With that, the intern will have a complete view of the production and machining of composite materials. In each sector, a separate mentor will be assigned.

Key Accountabilities & Activities:

  • Week 1: Introduction to the company and the processes
  • Week 2: Sales
  • Week 3: Technical preparation and development
  • Week 4: Operational preparation
  • Week 5: Production
  • Week 6: Quality control
  • Week 7: Logistics
  • Week 8: Human resources

Background, Skills & Qualifications:

  • Students from mechanical engineering and technology