Production Planning Engineer

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Sector: Operational


Position: Production Planning Engineer

Reports to: Head of Operational Preparation

Job Location: Prilep

Job Description:

Prepares and submits to the production departments the operational documentation necessary for the realization of the production process. Tracks the product launched in production at all stages from release to delivery to the finished product warehouse.

Cooperates with all sectors: production, logistics, marketing, sales and accounting.

Key Accountabilities & Activities:

  • Performs activities for launching work orders in production, after receiving internal orders from the sales department through the ERP system.
  • Takes care of pre-supply of work orders with all necessary raw materials and cutting tools.
  • Participates in setting production deadlines and intervenes in case of urgent order.
  • Monitors the implementation of work orders in all phases of production, whereby at any time there is information about the condition of each work order in which the completion phase is inflated.
  • Submits internal orders to the Logistics sector, department for procurement of raw materials, cutting and measuring tools, spare parts, consumables, etc.
  • Тhrough the head of STPR informs the marketing and sales service for any eventual delay as well as the reasons for the delay.
  • Controls raw materials and signal supplies.
  • Communicates with the departments of finance, sales, logistics, and technological preparation.
  • Provides proposals for improving the quality system.
  • Consistently performs the activities for which it is responsible, in accordance with the quality system, which is in the domain of its operation.
  • It is subject to evaluation of its entire operation.
  • Adherence and acting according to the procedures prescribed in the quality management standard ISO9001: 2015 and according to the environmental standard 14001: 2015

Background, Skills & Qualifications:

  • University Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Polymers, Composite Materials or other related field.
  • Extensive knowledge of English
  • MS Office
  • Innovation, responsibility and initiative
  • Organizational skills and teamwork
  • Desire for continuous learning, personal and professional development