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Job Location: Prilep

Job Description:

The internship is on the premises of Laminati Kom in Prilep, Macedonia. However, please note that some of the topics are done in our subsidiary, Europrofil AD, on a location in Aldanci, Krushevo. For each topic we provide mentors and allow you to have hands-on experience with the technological processes you study during your courses at the university. The internship is interactive. For A successful completion, all interns will be required to create a presentation and present it to their mentors.

Monthly fee: 6.200 MKD

Key Accountabilities & Activities:

  • Week 1 - Introduction to the company and the processes
  • Week 2- Impregnation and Pressing
  • Week 3 - Dry winding
  • Week 4 - Filament winding
  • Week 5 - Pultrusion
  • Week 6 - Introduction to thermoplastic composites
  • Week 7 - Laboratory
  • Week 8 - Mechanical processing

Background, Skills & Qualifications: