Cotton Phenolic + CPTFE

When should you choose Cotton Phenolic + CPTFE?

Shaped in:

  • Machined parts by technical drawing
  • Sheets

Composite material produced from impregnated cotton fabric with phenolic resin plus CPTFE. It is excellent insulation material with great mechanical strength.  We provide mechanical machining of Cotton Phenolic + PTFE sheets. 

Machined Final Parts

Cost effective and economic solution. One-stop support for your technical needs. We offer production of standard rigid composite materials – technical laminates and their processing to final parts in one place. Our one-stop support is our strength to deliver cost effective final product. 

We offer machining of our Cotton Phenol composite materials to any final part, produce strictly according to a technical drawing. Our fully equipped machine park including various of CNC machines, standard machines, grinds and manual hand-work processing offers you one-stop production for your technical needs. Our machine park, run by highly motivated engineers and controlled by our QA/QC department ensures us to deliver high quality final parts satisfying and guaranteeing the required tolerances and technical remarks.