Cotton Phenolic

When should you choose Cotton Phenolic?

Shaped in:

  • Machined parts by technical drawing
  • Rings
  • Rods
  • Sheets
  • Tubes

Composite material produced from impregnated cotton fabric with phenolic resin.  Cotton phenolic composite has excellent sliding properties. These technical laminates have very low water absorption and also are very good electrical properties with high dimensional properties. Moreover, cotton phenolic laminates have very high mechanical strength for mechanical properties.We produce the epoxy glass composites in a shape of tubes, rods, sheets and they can also be machined to the final part according to a technical drawing. Cotton phenolic tubes and sheets have very fine machined finish.

Characteristics: low water absorption, heat resistance, mechanical strength

Components: cotton cloth and phenolic resin

Color: brown

Industries: mining, cone crushers for dust seal ring, agricultural spare parts, bushings, insulating sleeves and brushes


Standard Cotton phenol Cotton phenol +Graphite
DIN 7735 Hgw 2082 Hgw 2082 +Graphite
IEC 60893 PF CC 201  
Formats #50/#150 – 580х780
#50/#100 – 950×980
#0.5/#50 – 1230×2160


Standard Cotton phenol Cotton phenol +Graphite
DIN 7735 Hgw 2082 Hgw 2082 +Graphite
IEC 60893 PF CC 201  
Formats ф8/ф50 х 1000   
ф50/ф90 х 750  


Standard Cotton phenol Cotton phenol +Graphite
DIN 7735 Hgw 2085 Hgw 2085 +Graphite
IEC 61212 PF CC 22  
Formats ф10-ф700х 1000
ф400-ф800х 660
ф900-ф1600х 450

         Machined Final Parts

Cost effective and economic solution. One-stop support for your technical needs. We offer production of standard rigid composite materials – technical laminates and their processing to final parts in one place. Our one-stop support is our strength to deliver cost effective final product. 

We offer machining of our Cotton Phenol composite materials to any final part, produce strictly according to a technical drawing. Our fully equipped machine park including various of CNC machines, standard machines, grinds and manual hand-work processing offers you one-stop production for your technical needs. Our machine park, run by highly motivated engineers and controlled by our QA/QC department ensures us to deliver high quality final parts satisfying and guaranteeing the required tolerances and technical remarks.