When should you choose GPO-3?

Shaped in:

  • Machined parts by technical drawing
  • Rods
  • Sheets

GPO-3 is technical laminate produced of glass mats impregnated in polyester resin. Glass polyester composite material has great mechanical and electrical properties. GPO-3 is characterized by very low smoke emissions and toxicity in case of fire. GPO-3 is halogen free and it can be offered in UL94 standard. Therefore, GPO-3 is applicable for various insulation parts in transportation industry especially railways. GPO-3 composite can be supplied in white and red color only in a shape of sheets and they can also be machined to the final part according to a technical drawing.

Characteristics: low smoke emission, low toxicity emission,  high voltage insulation, excellent mechanical strength, high dimensional stability, high temperature insulation up to 155C.

Components: glass mats and polyester resin

Color: white and red

Industries: electro industry, transformer industry, railways, transportation, mechanical engineering

DIN 7735 Hm2471
IEC 60893 UPGM203
Formats #1/#50-1000×2000

         Machined Final Parts

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