PE Polyethylene

When should you choose PE Polyethylene?

Shaped in:

  • Machined parts by technical drawing
  • Rods
  • Sheets

Polyethylene is widely used engineering plastic from the group of engineering plastics (thermoplastics) produced with polymerization. PE Polyethylene engineering plastic is characterized with very good mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical properties. PE thermoplastic is easy to machine. PA sheets also can be machined according to a technical drawing. Polyethylene is widely applicable in railways industry, automotive, automotive etc.

Characteristics: excellent mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, very good sliding properties, very good chemical resistance

Industries: transportation, railways, automotive, medical and any industry that requires great strength and weight reduction


Formats #6/#100-1000×2000

Machined Final Parts

Cost effective and economic solution. One-stop support for your technical needs. We offer production of standard rigid composite materials – technical laminates and their processing to final parts in one place. Our one-stop support is our strength to deliver cost effective final product. 

We offer machining of our PE Polyethylene  materials to any final part, produce strictly according to a technical drawing. Our fully equipped machine park including various of CNC machines, standard machines, grinds and manual hand-work processing offers you one-stop production for your technical needs. Our machine park, run by highly motivated engineers and controlled by our QA/QC department ensures us to deliver high quality final parts satisfying and guaranteeing the required tolerances and technical remarks.